The pinnacle brand of all yachts, characterised by a proud history spanning almost 175 years, clean lines and cutting-edge design. Timeless glamour and elegance. A noble tradition of excellence and Italian craftsmanship. Absolute luxury and convenience. RIVA is not only the world’s most extraordinary yacht brand, it is THE benchmark in boating.

Riva creations have always been objects of desire for kings and queens, Hollywood stars, sports champions, captains of industry and celebrities of every kind. 175 years on, and these jewels continue to reflect the glamour of a bygone era: an era of paparazzi, scarved and sunglassed divas, romantic escapades on the water, undying love affairs and unapologetic luxury. AdMakers has worked extensively with the RIVA brand since its launch into the Sub-Saharan, Seychelles and Mauritius markets.